We not only care about your oral health but we also care about your overall health. Which, is why we always ask to have an up to date medical history. There is a definite link between periodontal disease and systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Also visa versa, systemic conditions can also influence your oral health and increasing your chances of periodontal disease. We will ask you for a complete medical and dental history at your initial appointment. We will also update your medical history at all subsequent appointments.

Please read our Privacy Practices in the document below. At Wihlm Dental we know it is important to keep your personal and health information private and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure this.

Notice of Privacy Practices

What Our Patients Have to Say

  • Scheduling with Wihlm Dental was simple and efficient; they worked to accommodate my schedule, as I have to travel a distance to see them. The office offers a relaxed and welcoming environment, and I even was pampered with a paraffin hand treatment! The entire staff was warm and respectful, particularly when reviewing personal and medical well as discussing my flossing habits :) I believe I receive the best possible dental care and am impressed with their state of the art equipment and use of technology within the practice. I never have a hesitation to regularly schedule routine care every 6 months. I highly recommend Wihlm Dental. They know the importance of oral health care, and have taught me to better understand the importance of it as well!
    Mary Kapral Belville
  • Dr. Wihlm's office has a relaxing atmosphere that makes the kids (and adults) want to go to the dentist! Excellent, thoughtful and gentle care for adults and kids alike.
  • Sometime, we take for granted the simple pleasure of chewing food, gum and a few edibles. For almost two years, I was denied of that pleasure due to a broken tooth and a deep cavity in my upper tooth. I went through two Doctors to fix them. The first time that my broken tooth was fixed, within 48 hours, I was drinking a cold Pepsi and my tooth fell into the cup that I was drinking from in a restaurant. Can you imagine the embarrassment? Well, within three months I had four replacement of my tooth, none held long enough for me to enjoy eating. I went to Dr. Wihlm's office to get my both cavity and broken tooth fixed. I have not felt so much better in the last two year than few days that Dr. Wihlm fixed both the broken tooth and my cavity. There is nothing better than finding a good Doctor that gets to the bottom of one's problem and fix and restore one back to good health. If you have nagging teeth, problem, cavity problem or whatever the nature of your dental problem go to Dr. Wihlm's office. They are very thorough and spend good time to help you out.
    Ladd Oyewo
  • My family receives top notch dental care at Dr. Wihlm's office. From scheduling to office atmosphere, staff and Dr. Wihlm, the experience has always been positive.
    Allison Schmidt