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Why Brush 2x/day?!

Posted on March 4, 2016 · Posted in Hygiene Tips

What’s the Big Deal with Brushing 2x/day?

Yes, we are always telling you ways to improve your home care every time you come in. You are probably thinking, “they will never give me a good report.” There are on average 28 teeth in the mouth, some people more and some less, but each of those teeth have a 360 degree crevice around it that can harbor bacteria. That leaves many nooks and crannies for bacteria to start an infection.

How does that infection happen?

Every 12 hours the bacteria in your mouth, caused from left behind food remnants and acids, start to break down in your mouth. After 12 hours they microscopically harden onto the tooth surfaces both above and below the gums if they are not removed from those areas. This is called calculus, it is an irritant to the gums and causes inflammation, bad breath and increases decay risks. This calculus can only be removed by our professional instruments.

This is why we always say BRUSH 2X/DAY and flossing is just as important. We don’t tell you that to make you feel bad or criticize you. We really care about your oral health and don’t want you to have any infections no matter how big or small.

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