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Exams/Hygiene (cleanings)


At Wihlm Dental an Initial Oral Exam is the first appointment for each new patient. The initial exam includes a visual exam, oral cancer screening, TMJ evaluation, tooth charting, periodontal assessment, diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment recommendations. We will also use an intra-oral camera to show you our findings and take necessary x-rays. Dr. Wihlm will then prepare and present a custom treatment plan for each patient. At each subsequent hygiene appointment, Dr. Wihlm will do a periodic oral exam. It is our belief that if we are able catch problems very early, they can either be reversed or restored before turning into a larger problem.


During your initial exam your gums are evaluated and a periodontal diagnosis is made. This information will determine if you are a candidate for a routine cleaning or if you need scaling and root planing or a “deep cleaning.” To check the health of your gum tissues we take several measurements of the space between your tooth and gums (pockets), the depth of those pockets along with the amount of bacteria (plaque and calculus) will determine treatment.

Routine Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

A routine cleaning or “prophy” is for you, if your gums are considered healthy and you have normal pocket readings. You may also be a candidate for a routine cleaning if you have small amounts of plaque on your teeth causing minor inflammation or gingivitis. When cleaning your teeth, an ultrasonic scaler will be used along with hand scaling and polishing any areas of stain. Your hygienist will work with you to develop a customized home-care regime as well. We recommend you return every 6 months for routine cleanings to maintain the health of your gums.

Deep Cleaning (Scaling & Root Planing)

A deep cleaning is for you if your pocket readings are deeper than normal and your gums are unhealthy, which means you have periodontal disease. This occurs when you have hardened bacteria (calculus) below your gumline, which is unable to be removed during a routine cleaning. To remove the bacteria a quadrant of your mouth will be numbed up (anesthetized) at a time; normally four appointments are needed to complete the deep cleaning. Once anesthetized, the hygienist is able to comfortably remove the bacteria from under the gums with an ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments.

Future hygiene appointments are completed in one, hour-long appointment, with no anesthetic necessary. It is our goal to help you maintain the health of your gums and prevent the periodontal disease from regressing. Often, it is necessary for you to have more frequent hygiene visits to achieve this goal. Your hygienist will customize a home-care regime to help you effectively remove the bacteria on a daily basis and re-establish a healthy oral cavity.

Child Cleanings

We, along with the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Wisconsin Dental Association, recommend children have their first dental visit by the age of 1 or within 6 months of getting their first tooth. At the first appointment, Dr. Wihlm will look in your child’s mouth, while he/she is sitting on your lap, to look for any signs dental problems such as bottle decay or gum problems. This visit is also used to educate the parents in establishing good oral hygiene and nutrition to prevent dental problems in the future. Dr. Wihlm will brush your child’s teeth and apply fluoride if it is recommended. Dr. Wihlm and her staff enjoy working with young children and believe in early preventive care.

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